Genshin Impact Tier List, follow our recommendations and choose the best champions, we have split our tier list depended on the situation if you are going exploring, fighting bosses, doing dungeons or going into the abyss. The list below is split between champions and their main role in team composition. 


  • Pyro Elemental attacks are for exploration.
  • Elemental Burst can hit hard on a large area in a single strike.
  • Charged attacks unleash a flurry of hits for great damage.


  • Can use the Bow to hit enemies weak spots.
  • A great ranged char.
  • Anemo elemental skills can be used to miss attacks.


  • Can kill groups of regular enemies with wide-range attacks.
  • Fire + Catalyst makes it easy to set up Elemental Reactions.
  • Set-and-deploy Elemental Skill allows her to support other chars.


  • Easy-to-use melee attack makes her a great char.
  • Cryo attacks can create Elemental Reactions to freeze enemies.
  • Skills are easy to use together with other characters.


  • Can inflict the Wet status very fast.
  • Good both for melee and ranged combat.
  • With full Constellations, activating his Elemental Burst will reset his Elemental Skill's cooldown time.


  • Unique movement style allows for high-speed movements.
  • Catalyst weapon allows for Elemental damage in standard attacks.
  • Elemental Skill can be set in place, allowing for easy Elemental Reaction setup.


  • Melee attacks are strong and easy to use.
  • Elemental Burst allows him to easily cover enemies with Hydro.
  • Can attack in sequence for strong damage.


  • Pyro Element combo for Elemental Reactions.
  • Has a unique and powerful attack style.
  • Pyro element is useful for exploration.

In this Genshin Impact Tier list, we are going more into details, where we split the ranking depending on the job they are doing.