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Genshin Impact Boosting

Buy Genshin Impact Boosting and get a great Adventure Rank, it works on all servers and platforms, we can open waypoints for you too.

How to buy Genshin Rank Boosting: First enter your Adventure rank and desired rank in the two fields for example 7, 14, you will see the price update. Select other options like your server and platform and provide us with the login details for Genshin Boost we have to play on your account.

Delivery: It depends on how many ranks of adventure ranks you buy but we usually delivery around 5-15 ranks per day so it goes very fast.

Support: Now if you need any kind of information or making a purchase, you can reply on the order email and we will get back to you fast as possible. Please note we work from 10 am-01 am german time and in that time we can reply to your support questions. You can contact us over email or discord too if you have other kinds of questions.

About Adventure Rank: This is an account-wide feature not like character experience when you complete quests kill monster etc you get adventure rank. Upon getting to a certain rank you can increase world level and this will increase the difficulty of the entire game but the rewards are better.

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