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Genshin Impact Store & Shop

We all love the new game called Genshin Impact and our shop offers various services and products for the game. We can help you with literally anything Genshin Related and we can finish most task very fast.

We offer Genshin Boosting or adventure rank boost where we play it for you and get the desired rank we can do it till rank 40. We can do various kinds of Genshin levelling and farming, for example, unlocking all waypoints, finishing tower levelling and mining materials. 

Our last service is Genshin Accounts that are pre-made for selling and we have them on all servers with various kinds of crystals and characters check our product page for more information.

All services on Genshin Impact Store work on all platforms for pc, ios, android and playstation and all servers are suported but please understand that servers do not share accoun

Is official?

We are not in any kind affiliate of mihoyo and we are not the official store, however, we do provide quality service for the game of all kinds. Our support is 24/7 online and you can contact us over email or live chat.

About Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing game that allows the player to control one of four interchangeable characters in a party. Switching between characters can be done quickly and during combat to the player to use several different combinations of skills and attacks. Characters may have their strengths enhanced in various ways, such as increasing a character's level and improving artefacts and the weapons that the character equips.

In addition to exploration, the player can attempt various challenges for rewards. Scattered across Teyvat are highly powerful enemies and domains that reward highly valuable resources, but claiming them uses up a currency called resin, which slowly regenerates over time.

Completing these challenges grants the player progress towards increasing their Adventure Rank, which in turn unlocks new quests, challenges, and raises the World Level. The World Level is a measure of how strong the enemies within the world are and the rarity of rewards that defeating them gives.

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Best there is, I bought twice and iam 100% happy. Really good prices and delivers fast.


Return buyer always good service and fast.


Great communication, very positive energy, and completed fast! Awesome seller!


Great site, helped me complete an impossible quest. Super kind and quick replies!